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: Journal of Biomedical Science
: Journal of Biomedical Science
: 2 issues per year
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: Sri Masyeni
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: Pusat Publikasi, Universitas Warmadewa                                                         
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Welcome to the official Journal of Biomedical Science website. As a part of the spirit of disseminating social science especially to the wider medical community, Journal of Biomedical Science provides journal articles for free download. Journal of Biomedical Science is a scientific journal that publishes original articles based on the latest knowledge, research, and applied research as well as the latest scientific developments in biomedical science, and is open to all methodological approaches and theoretical uses. This journal is open to academics, postgraduate students, practitioners, and individuals who have an interest in socio-issues. This journal is published 2 times within a year of March and September, submitted and ready-to-publish scripts will be published online gradually and the printed version will be released at the end of the publishing period. The language used in this journal is English.