Benefits of Applying The Discussion Method in Vocabulary Master at IPB International

  • Asradi Cerman
  • Ni Luh Pegy Wilantari Master of Linguistics Study Program, Warmadewa University
Keywords: Benefits, Discussion Method, Vocabulary Master


English is a foreign language in Indonesia. English as international language plays an important role in the international communication. The objective of teaching in Indonesia is to enable the students to communicate in English. The objective of teaching English is to develop the comummication skill of English, those were receptive and production. This research was conducted to reveal the benefits of applying the discussion in vocabulary master at IPB International. This research used the classroom action method with  qualitative approach. Data were collected by using observation and interview method. The sample of this research was the first semester students of Diploma IV Hospitality Management, IPB International. The samples were taken by using purposive sampling tecnique. The data was collected in the teaching and learning process at IPB Internasional. Based on the data analysis, it showed that implementation of discussion method in mastering vocabulary at IPB International. 


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