Influence of Learning Motivation on Students' Speaking English Results at Eight-B Grade of SMK Taruna Warmadewa

  • I Made Dwika Hadinata
  • Emeliana Tai Master of Linguistics Study Program, Warmadewa University
Keywords: Eight-B Grade Students, Learning Motivation and Learning Outcomes


Motivation is a process that describes the intensity, direction and persistence of an individual in achieving someone’s goals. A person is said to have high motivation if the person has very strong reasons to achieve what they want by doing the work. The purpose of this research was to reveal the effect of learning motivation on the Students’ Speaking English result At Eight Grade of SMK Taruna Warmadewa. This research used a quantitative approach and qualitative. Methods of data collection were questionnaires and documentation. The population of this research was the students of SMK Taruna Warmadewa . Eight-B Grade Students of SMK Taruna Warmadewa had chosen as sample by using random sampling. Data were analyzed using descriptive method. The results of this study indicated that there was a significant influence of learning motivation on learning outcomes for Eight Grade of SMK Taruna Warmadewa.


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