Implementation of Presentation, Practice, and Production (PPP) Methods on Degree of Comparison Materials at Student of IKIP Saraswati Tabanan

  • Mirsa Umiyati 081237083338
  • Nurdin
  • Ni Luh Pegy Wilantari
Keywords: Implementation, PPP Method, Degree of Comparison


In an effort to improve the quality of human resources in education, mastery of foreign languages, especially English, is very important. Appropriate and good teaching is an important factor in achieving English proficiency. This study aims to reveal the benefits of applying the presentation, practice, and production (PPP) method in the Degree of Comparison material for first semester students of the English Education Study Program, IKIP Saraswati Tananan. The method used is a class action method with a descriptive qualitative approach. Data were collected through the observation method and the documentation method using interview techniques, direct notes, and documentation in the form of descriptive essays. Data were analyzed with a qualitative descriptive method. Based on the data that has been analyzed, this study shows that the use of the PPP (presentation, practice and production) method can improve learning outcomes in English subject semester 1 students of the English Language Education Study Program IKIP Saraswati Tananan. As well as the use of the PPP method (presentation, practice and production) can improve the performance of English teachers.

Author Biography

Mirsa Umiyati, 081237083338


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